At last, your chance to ensure entry to this year's event...

Following a week of wavering, preparations for GLASTONBURY 2002 can begin in earnest tomorrow morning (February 22) when tickets go on sale at 9.00am (GMT).

Priced at £100 each, including booking fee and a programme, they will be available here on NME.COM from 9am. The event runs from June 28-30.

To buy tickets from that time, [url=]click here. Or ring the NME Ticketline on 0870 1 663663. Calls are charged at national standard rate.

This year’s event sees new regulations regarding fans wishing to drive to the festival. Anyone wanting to take a car MUST buy a pass for the car park IN ADVANCE and display this on arrival at the festival site. Car passes cost £5 each.

And as for previous festivals, anyone wanting to take a camper van to this year’s event must buy a pass for the camper van park IN ADVANCE and display this on arrival at the festival site. These passes cost £35 each.

All of this information, along with all other special admission regulations and guidelines, will be displayed on the booking page.

As revealed yesterday (February 21) on NME.COM, an eleventh hour agreement between Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis and the Mean Fiddler organisation paved the way for this year’s event.

It had been announced last week that Mean Fiddler were taking a 20% stake in Glastonbury in exchange for their expertise in helping the event run smoothly. However, a leader column in The Times, which focused on Glastonbury’s spiritual and hedonistic history, forced Eavis into a radical rethink and ultimately about-turn.

Mendip District Council, responsible for issuing a licence to allow the festival to go ahead, indicated that had Mean Fiddler not being brought in to help with crowd safety, they may have revoked the licence. A day of frantic talks between all parties involved put the deal back on track.

The deal will see Mean Fiddler’s stake in Glastonbury rise to 40% after two years.