The Council threaten to revoke organiser Michael Eavis' licence application...

This year’s GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL hangs in the balance after organiser MICHAEL EAVIS pulled out of a deal to allow MEAN FIDDLER move in and take a substantial stake.

Mendip District Council, responsible for issuing a licence to allow the festival to go ahead, have told NME.COM that Eavis’ decision to move away from Mean Fiddler mean there are “material changes” from the licence application which could lead it to be revoked.

“There may be a situation that without Mean Fiddler, whose inclusion constituted a large part of the application, Glastonbury may have to reapply for a licence,” a spokesperson said.

Tickets for Glastonbury were due to go on sale on Friday (February 22). However, as revealed earlier on NME.COM, Eavis said he would rather “not do it at all than sell out” to Mean Fiddler.

Legal teams from both the council and Glastonbury are currently trying to hammer out a solution. Neither Eavis nor Mean Fiddler have been available for comment.