Michael Eavis set to pull out of a deal to hand over operational control of the event...

A battle is looming over the soul of GLASTONBURY after MICHAEL EAVIS announced he intends to pull out of a deal to hand operational control of the festival to the rival MEAN FIDDLER GROUP.

It had been announced last week that Mean Fiddler were taking a 20% stake in Glastonbury in exchange for their expertise in helping the event run smoothly. Yesterday (February 19), the Financial Times revealed that Mean Fiddler hoped to increase their stake to 40% within three years.

However, a leader column in yesterday’s Times newspaper, which focused on Glastonbury’s spiritual and hedonistic history, forced Eavis into a radical rethink and ultimately about-turn.

“It was not until I saw the article in The Times that I realised how valuable the original version of the festival was to people. I told them I could not go through with it and that the deal was off,” he said.

Eavis was keen to have Melvin Benn, Mean Fiddler managing director, take over as operational director for the festival. Benn worked on the festival during the 80s. However, Eavis has become increasingly concerned that any inch offered to Mean Fiddler would lead to a complete takeover.

“I would like to work with Melvin but I can’t work with the Mean Fiddler,” he said. “I would have lost everything. They would have decided the bands. I would rather not do it at all than sell out.”

The Times claim that Mean Fiddler intend to enforce the deal. Melvin Benn was not available for comment at press time.