The West Yorkshire Police website has photos of alleged rioters...

Police in LEEDS have today (August 15) published a gallery of photographs of people they say were involved in the rioting at the end of this year’s LEEDS FESTIVAL.

24 photos of young men are posted on the West Yorkshire Police website calling for identification.

Rioting started in the early hours of August 26, at the close of the Leeds leg of the Carling Weekend. Up to 500 fans were involved in the disturbances, burning down 71 toilets and destroying a portable cabin.

Over 200 police, many in riot gear, were deployed in a bid to contain the violence. They were attacked with bottles and other missiles by rioters. Rioting continued for several hours.

Following the disorder, a team of detectives was established to investigate numerous offences including arson, criminal damage, assault and public order. They have studied hours of footage taken by officers at the scene and by the West Yorkshire Police helicopter to try and identify those suspected of being involved.

However, claims of police brutality made by festival-goers to NME have been constantly denied by police.

“Up to 50,000 people, including many families, visited this event each day and had a good time,” Detective Chief Inspector Trevor Kerry, of Killingbeck Police said. “The event was marred by a small minority who were involved in violence which put public safety at risk. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated. We would ask members of the public to help identify these people.”

To go to the West Yorkshire Police website and view the pictures, click here.