And they'll be giving you a manicure while they do it...

A UK charity will be offering a manicures to both rock stars and festival goers at this year’s V FESTIVAL to raise awareness on the dangers of landmines.

The Mines Advisory Group (MAG) will launch the ‘Gotcha Hands ‘n’ Feet?’ service in both the public and VIP areas, offering five-star pampering to the sounds of Fat City and Off The Tracks DJs – all for a donation to the charity.

Kathryn Simonds, MAG’s public fundraising manager said: “Mines are designed to maim first, not kill and it’s either your hands or feet that would be destroyed if you touched one.” She added: “MAG’s message to festival-goers is ‘Gotcha Hands ‘n’ Feet? Good, get them done and help MAG save others’.”

The Manchester-based organisation, a co-laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize, is involved in mine clearance across the globe including extensive work in Iraq, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. MAG will be the first charity ever allowed in the VIP area – offering their manicures to headliners such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplayand Foo Fighters.

Simonds hopes that the campaign will highlight the fact that if you were living in a mined country, your hands and feet would be the most threatened part of your body.

She said, “We’re thrilled the V Festival has supported MAG so much this year – it means we can take our message to 100,000 young people and give festival-goers something in return. We can’t just keep putting leaflets in faces and hope that someone might read it. It’s good the promoters recognise this at V and allow us to do something new.”

The sold out V Festival is taking place at Hylands Park, Chelmsford and Weston Park, Staffordshire on August 16 – 17.