Let us make it up to you after getting it the wrong way round in the paper last week...

After a long weekend spent at GLASTONBURY indulging in everything that makes rock ‘n’ roll great, even your trusty NME can make mistakes.

As some of our hawk-eyed readers have pointed out, last week’s Glastonbury aerial poster was a reverse image, meaning that the picture was an exact mirror of the actual site. So basically, if you’ve extremely powerful eyesight and you can pick yourself out in the crowds, the writing on your T-shirt will be backwards.

In a vain attempt to shift the blame elsewhere, please accept one of the following excuses:

The poster was in fact an aerial shot of Glastonbury in a parallel universe, where punters prayed for rain, drugs were sold legally around the site and Suede were the best band of the weekend.

You now own an extremely desirable piece of Glastonbury history – the only reverse poster of the site EVER published. Sell it on Ebay for shitloads and pay for next year’s ticket.

We’re very, very sorry – we got really pissed over the weekend, woke up on Monday face down on our computers in NME HQ with no idea of how we got back from the festival, and were lucky to actually recognise where the photo was taken at all. Sorry.

So now the hangovers have worn off, we’re going to make it up to you. NME.COM can offer you exclusive and free Glastonbury downloads as a token of our apology. Right now we have Glastonbury aerial wallpaper for you (this time the right way round), and as if that wasn’t enough click back soon for an amazing Glastonbury 2003 screensaver. Together, these will transform your computer into a complete digital recreation of the best Glastonbury ever.

We would also like to express our deepest apologies to all those who spent hours scouring the photo trying to locate their tent and wondering why it had been replaced by The Other Stage.

We have wallpaper in two different sizes, 800×600. So download the images, install them onto your desktop, email them to your friends, do whatever you want!