Michael Eavis launches his new superfence with a stark warning...

MICHAEL EAVIS officially launched the sold-out GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL today (May 22) – with the strongest appeal yet to non-ticket holders to stay away.

Eavis teamed up with punk legend Joe Strummer and charity leaders to hammer home the message that the festival’s future is at risk if the perimeter fence is breached this summer.

Strummer, who is unable to perform at the June event because of commitments in South America, said: “It’s life or death. Safety has become the number one issue after Roskilde.


“This is only rock’n’roll and nobody wants anyone to die. Unfortunately that comes right down to numbers. So if you haven’t got a ticket, don’t turn up.”

Eavis added: “We’ve sold out in record time. Now we’re asking people without tickets to respect the fact that they can’t get in this year. Watch it on TV like you would the World Cup. There’s 17 hours of BBC2 coverage. Stay at home and enjoy the show. Don’t come anywhere near the site without a ticket. If you jump over, Glastonbury goes under.”

Representatives of Greenpeace, WaterAid and Oxfam were at Eavis’s Worthy Farm in Pilton for today’s media launch. A hard-hitting poster has been prepared by Oxfam, showing a photograph of a poverty-stricken girl with the slogan: “If you jump the fence at Glastonbury she’ll never get over it.”

Roger James from the charity said: “In past years, breaches of security have put the festival at risk. Oxfam wishes the festival well – lives could be put at risk in many poor communities around the globe if the festival is unable to continue in the future.”

Site construction workers have already started to erect the huge new £1m “ring of steel” perimeter fence, which was a condition of the festival’s licence.