Relive the whole Glasto experience with 24 pages of the finest coverage that £1.60 can buy...

To celebrate what MICHAEL EAVIS himself has been calling the best GLASTONBURY ever, this week’s NME boasts a whopping 24 pages dedicated to the mother of all festivals.

And eight of those pages are attractively glossy posters of the likes of Cooper Temple Clause[/a] and The Thrills, as well as a breathtaking aerial shot of the festival site.

Inside you’ll find:

Full reviews of Primal Scream, [/a] and all the bands that mattered

A comprehensive round-up of festival rumours

The onstage menagerie madness of

The funniest fashion disasters

Junior Senior’s guide to Glasto cuisine

All your strangest texts

Michael Eavis’ post-match analysis

Oh, and there’s a review of Yes too

Oh, and did we mention you can buy it for just £1.60 in all good newsagents (and even some rubbish ones)?

How was it for you? NME.COM wants to know what you thought of Glastonbury 2003. What are your stories? Who were the best bands? How does it compare to other years? And who would you like to see headline in 2004? E-mail The best will be used in next week’s issue of NME.