'No Surprises', 'Just', 'Karma Police'... all the hits are present and correct, but they neglect to do any Cheeky Girls covers...

RADIOHEAD brought the Saturday night of GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL to an emotional climax, with a set that included a mix of classics such as ‘NO SURPRISES’ and ‘FAKE PLASTIC TREES’ as well as more recent material.

The band performed a classic Glastonbury set to the throng on the hillside in front of the Pyramid Stage, winding up with a powerful rendition of ‘Street Spirit’.

The set-list ran:

‘There There’

‘2+2 = 5’


‘The National Anthem’

‘Talk Show Host’

‘Where I End And You Begin’

‘Climbing Up The Walls’

‘The Gloaming’

‘No Surprises’

‘Fake Plastic Trees’

‘Sit Down Stand Up’

‘Go To Sleep’

‘Sail To The Moon’

‘Paranoid Android’


‘Everything In Its Right Place’


‘Karma Police’

‘Street Spirit’

Directly before Radiohead took the stage, [a][/a] frontman Wayne Coyne dedicated their final song to Thom Yorke, a cover of Pink Floyd‘s ‘Breathe’.

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