The Cooper Temple Clause take flight on the Main Stage and Electric Six defy the odds to rule the roost with a wet-behind-the-ears new line-up...

Cooper Temple Clause provided the first major highlight of the weekend with their victorious Main Stage appearance this afternoon.

As they step up the campaign for their forthcoming second album, they made their mark on the field for the second year running, following last year’s breakthrough appearance.

As ‘Did You Miss Me?’ led into the final ‘Panzer Attack’, Didz led the crowd in the celebration by climbing high up the lighting rigs.

After a chaotic few weeks, Electric Six overcame the trauma of their recent splits with a sun-kissed Other Stage show.

In an event-packed set, lead singer Dick Valentine took the lead following the walkouts of Surge Joebot, Disco and The Rock’n’Roll Indian. After just a handful of shows with their new line-up, they faced a challenge at what was their first major show in this current form, but Valentine shrugged off the controversy, instead singing the praises of fellow Other-stage star Har Mar Superstar, describing him as “my new best friend”.

After rapturous renditions of ‘Danger, High Voltage’ and ‘Gay Bar’ – which saw the biggest display of banners so far this weekend – he led his new band in their now-traditional cover of Queen’s ‘Radio Ga Ga’. They were joined by a bonus band member in the shape of a life-size silver ‘robot’.