Now it's up to the local District Council...

Local police have withdrawn their main objection to this summer’s GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL.

Late last year, festival organiser Michael Eavis temporarily withdrew a licence application for the 2002 event, after local police raised concerns over “public safety”.

As a result, Eavis reassessed his application and has submitted a new one, due for consideration by the local Mendip District Council later this week (January 24).

The final decision on whether Glastonbury can go ahead this summer will be influenced by recommendations from many ‘Statutory Consultees’ within the local community. These include Environmental Health, Emergency Services, the Highways Authority and local Parish Councils.

Last year, Eavis took a year out from the event to address the safety and security issues of fans gaining entry to the event for free. He recently wrote an open letter to potential festivalgoers, urging them not to come to the event ticketless, so not to jeopardise the future of the event.

In 2002, Eavis will introduce a number of new security measures, including a new perimeter fence.