The Glastonbury supremo is fined after the attendance limit at last year's festival is exceeded...

MICHAEL EAVIS has been fined £6,000 and ordered to pay another £9,000 in costs, after admitting breach of licence at last year’s GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL.

At a hearing at Frome Magistrates’ Court today (March 30), Eavis admitted breaching his licence by exceeding the attendance limit at last year’s festival and failing to secure the perimeter fence.

He also admitted to breaching a Noise Abatement Order, after travellers remained on the site after the festival and played music.

Eavis could have received a maximum £40,000 fine. Officials have also told Eavis to improve security and personnel for any future festivals. He has already revealed plans for a ‘superfence’, twice the size of last year’s.

According to [url=]www.ananova.com, speaking in court earlier today, Kerry Barker from Mendip District Council spoke of how people got into the festival site for free. He said: “Farm gates were removed and put up against the fence. Ladders, ropes and rope ladders were used. Fence panels were forced to the ground, some were resurrected, but many were left down. Tunnels were dug under the fence and many people simply climbed over.

“There were a significant number of injuries occasioned in the process of illegal entry, mainly serious cuts and broken limbs. One man lost a finger impaled on the top of the fence.”

One of the major factors in Eavis’ decision to cancel this year’s festival was concern over safety of attendees, with so many people entering the site for free.