The band are on top, loud form…

The FOO FIGHTERS have closed the first day of T IN THE PARK with a typically aggressive set.

Dave Grohl’s band mixed new album ’In Your Honour’ with a selection of their favourites to send the crowd to a fever pitch.

”It’s funny I still consider the new songs, new songs. You never know how long it takes for people to accept your new music,” Grohl told NME.COM. “We started playing ‘Best Of You’ and I wondered if they knew it yet, but when I started singing everyone went mad. They went nuts and sang so loud. It’s nice.”


Grohl admitted it was great to headline the festival again, but said waiting till last had played on his nerves a bit.

”You sit back here in the back stage and listen to the audience freak out for every band that’s up there, you think ‘I want my turn, I want to get up there’,” he explained. “But we’ve played the festival before and I always remember the audience just being so up for it, they just want to sing and jump around.”

The Foo Fighters now head to Oxegen, then return later this year to Britain for The Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds festivals, and Grohl admitted he is enjoying this summer’s festival season.

“Festival tours are great, no two festivals are the same,” he declared. “Whether it’s a pit under a bridge in Switzerland which we played with four reggae bands, or Roskilde which is a sea of people going berserk they’re all different, you never really know what to expect. Nothing can really prepare you for jumping up in front of 40,000 people. You either do it or you don’t, it’s like jumping out of an aeroplane – it’s a good feeling.”

The set was:

‘In Your Honour’


‘All My Life’

‘Times Like These’

‘My Hero’

‘Best Of You’

‘Up In Arms’

‘Learn To Fly’

‘Last Song’

‘The One’

‘Stacked Actors’

‘This Is A Call’


‘Monkey Wrench’

‘Cold Day In Your sun’


Coverage from T In The Park continues tomorrow on NME.COM with reports from straight from the site, so stay tuned for the likes of Kaiser Chiefs and Kasabian.