The good weather brings good vibes...

Organisers have hailed the ‘fantastic’ start to this year’s T IN THE PARK festitval.

A sun-baked crowd have been lapping up the entertainment on today’s (July 9) first day, although a few punters have been suffering in the heat.

So far 600 people have visited first aid, with 218 sent to the hospital tent for treatment. In the main, this has been for weather related problems such as hayfever and sunburn.

Organisers advise “everyone to remember the sun tan lotion, medication and to drink lots of water”.

A police spokesperson said the arrest figures are around the same as the 2004 event. So far 15 people have been arrested for minor offences.

T promoter Geoff Ellis said: “Today has been a fantastic start to the event. We’ve had great weather, a well-behaved pleasant crowd and some outstanding performances. Roll on Sunday!”