And does he? Well, he does, but things go a bit mad...

IAN BROWN told NME.COM he’d come to “smash” the T IN THE PARK festival tonight (July 10).

And he did – with a set that was dogged by technical problems, with Brown stopping twice during second song ‘Made Of Stone’, leading to booing from the crowd. He also stopped again briefly later in the set, leading to altercations onstage. After ‘Keep What Ya Got’, he led the band off, only to return for a triumphant ‘FEAR’.

As well as the troubled ‘Made Of Stone’, Brown delighted the crowd by playing other Stone Roses tunes ‘I Wanna Be Adored’, ‘Waterfall’ and ‘She Bangs The Drums’. The set also featured a cover of The Sex Pistols’ ‘Submission’.


He said of T:“I’m coming to smash it. I’m coming to do what I do. The last three shows I’ve done are the best I’ve ever done and I’m just getting stronger.”

Brown, who releases a best of called ’The Greatest’ later this year, told us earlier he’s still getting over his headline Glastonbury appearance two weeks ago (June 26).

And the former Stone Roses singer added: “I’m still flying off Glastonbury, that was an amazing thing, I’ll remember it for ever. It was just beautiful. I didn’t realise how big the crowd was until I got home.”

He said of Scottish audiences: “The further north you go the better atmosphere you get. I can’t separate Glasgow and Dublin for crowd reactions, they’re unreal. When I played Glasgow Academy last year the volume of the crowd was hurting my ears.”

And Brown said of his future: “I’ve got white whiskers, but the crowds just keep getting bigger.”