These are the festivals that you’re most likely to get laid at, apparently

Any surprises here?

The top 10 UK festivals at which you’re most likely to kiss or sleep with someone who is not your partner have been revealed.

The data, gathered by SpaSeekers, asked 500 festival-goers questions about the cleanliness, sleeping habits and sexual activity at the events they attended throughout the summer.

Researchers asked if they’d kissed or slept with someone at the festival who was not their partner. Wireless and Bestival came out at the top of the poll, with Download, the now defunct V Festival and Reading & Leeds near the bottom – while Glastonbury was nowhere to be found in the top 10.


The study shows that music fans at Bestival admitted to having sex with on average two people over the festival weekend, while those at Parklife are most likely to kiss someone, kissing on average 2.17 people over the weekend, followed by the 2.11 people kissed at Wireless festival.

As Radio X reports, the top 10 ranking is:

1. Wireless Festival – 58/100 – 58.3%
2. Bestival – 58/100 – 58%
3. Parklife – 53/100 – 52.6%
4. Latitude – 51/100 – 51.4%
5. Creamfields – 40/100 – 40%
7. Isle of Wight Festival – 33/100 – 33.3%
8. Download Festival – 30/100 – 30.2%
9. V Festival (now obsolete) – 29/100 – 28.9%
10. Reading and Leeds Festival – 25/100 – 25%

Elsewhere, the study also found that Download Festival is the dirtiest UK festival where a massive 40% confessed to not showering, while Latitude is the cleanest – and Bestival is where you were least likely to get any sleep.

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