Fetty Wap involved in motorcycle accident

The rapper appears to have been taken away by ambulance

Reports are emerging from America stating that rapper Fetty Wap has been involved in a motorcycle accident, and been taken away by ambulance.

While no official statement had been made at the time of writing, eyewitness reports, including a number of tweets about the incident, appear to identify the rapper. TMZ and Pitchfork are both reporting the accident, saying that eyewitnesses have confirmed the rapper was conscious when taken away from the scene.

The following tweets – from the rapper’s DJ – show images from the accident, which is thought to have involved a car:




The first of the above tweets clearly shows that Fetty Wap was conscious following the accident.


The rapper is from New Jersey, and released his self-titled debut album yesterday (September 25). He’s best known for his track ‘Trap Queen’, which won an MTV Video Award earlier this year.

He’s worked with Chris Brown, Rita Ora, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne over the past couple of years.