Fidlar frontman Zac Carper discusses suffering childhood sexual abuse

Singer speaks candidly about battling heroin addiction

Fidlar frontman Zac Carper has discussed his history of childhood sexual abuse and heroin addiction.

In a new interview with Consequence Of Sound, the singer candidly spoke about his history with drug addiction and his experiences in rehab. Carper suggested that his problems with addiction might have stemmed from being molested by an acquaintance as an eight-year-old. “I always knew something was wrong, because I couldn’t remember anything before 10,” he said. “It screwed me up.”

He added: “I was writing suicide notes. I kept it a secret for so long, because I didn’t want to get in any trouble. It’s shitty that it happened to me, because I just didn’t know what was going on.”


Speaking about his struggles with drugs meanwhile, Carper said that he had also lost his girlfriend to heroin addiction as well. The frontman, who also revealed that his girlfriend had been pregnant at the time, said: “I was with this girl, and we were both drug addicts. She was pregnant, and she overdosed on heroin while I was on tour.”

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Carper, who said his partner had been taken to hospital with a suspected staph infection that could have been caused by either bad heroin or a contaminated needle, had died as a result. “That day, I found out that my girlfriend was dead,” he said. “I felt such guilt and shame over it. I was the one who introduced her to getting high. She had a miscarriage with my kid. I didn’t know what to do besides drink my life away.”

He also spoke about how Green Day frontman Bille Joe Armstrong had helped him to kick his heroin addiction, however. Discussing an hour-long phone call in which Armstrong had encouraged him to stay clean, he stated: “I probably wouldn’t be sober today if Billie Joe didn’t call. He really helped me when no-one else was there.”

Fidlar’s new album ‘Too’ will be released this week (September 4). Recorded over a period of just two weeks with producer Jay Joyce, Carper says the album is anything but “a standard rock record”.

The ‘Too’ tracklisting is as follows:

’40oz On Repeat’
‘West Coast’
‘Why Generation’
‘Leave Me Alone’
‘Hey Johnny’
‘Stupid Decisions’
‘Bad Medicine’

‘Bad Habits’