Fight for your right to party – here’s the Boris Johnson Beastie Boys mash-up you’ve been waiting for

"Held a piss-up in lockdown / Tried to say that it's work"

The inevitable mash-up of Boris Johnson and Beastie Boys has arrived, with clips featuring the Prime Minister, Leader of the House Of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg and more edited into a parody version of the rap trio’s 1987 single ‘Fight For Your Right (To Party)’.

The video, created by PoliticsJOE, comes after Sue Gray’s report into alleged gatherings at Downing Street was released on Monday (January 31). You can see it below.

It also features brief appearances from The Queen, Peppa Pig and Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick.


In Gray’s report, it was revealed that she investigated 16 separate gatherings – including three that were not previously known about.

Gray concluded that some of these events “should not have been allowed to take place”. She went on to say that “too little thought” was given to public health concerns, and confirmed that the Metropolitan Police is investigating 12 events on eight separate dates for alleged coronavirus rule-breaking.

These include the 20 May, 2020 “bring your own booze” event in Downing Street’s garden and the PM’s birthday on June 19, 2020.

The police are also investigating a gathering on November 13, 2020 at Johnson’s Downing Street flat.


It’s not the first time that ‘Fight For Your Right (To Party)’ has been employed in protests against the government over the ‘Partygate’ scandal.

In December, after reports first emerged that a party had taken place in Downing Street the previous festive period while the rest of the country were facing government-imposed COVID restrictions, a man was filmed wearing a top hat and holding a big speaker system playing the track outside of the building.