Following Hear'say's ungrammatical lead are Scandal'us...

Apostrophes are taking over pop. After HEAR’SAY’s unnecessary piece of punctuation, their new Australian counterparts have announced that their name will also feature the controversial punctuation mark.

Just weeks after NME.COM unveiled the definitive guide to punctuation in the rock world, Australia’s new popstars act have announced that their name will be… Scandal’us.

Band members Daniella Scala, Anna Belperio, Tamara Jaber, Jason Bird and Simon Ditcham are said to have chosen the name themselves, before performing their first ever live show at Sydney’s Planet Hollywood on Sunday night (April 8). Their three songs were ‘History’, believed not to be the Verve song, ‘Make Me Crazy’ and their debut single ‘Me Myself & I’, which with its ampersand will send further ripples through the world of punctuation.


Manager Les Gock told an Australian newspaper: “What they are doing is totally unique in the world.”

Scandal’us are not entirely unique, however. As well as their direct forerunners Bardot (whose first UK release, ‘Poison’, fared catastrophically in Sunday’s chart), the ‘Popstars’ brand has launched acts in New Zealand, America, Germany, Norway and the UK, with more to come.