But it's bad news for George Michael...

‘POP IDOL’ loser DARIUS DANESH is on course to top the UK charts at the weekend and become the third of the show’s contestants to do so.

His debut single ‘Colourblind’ sold over 20,000 copies on Monday (July 29), its day of release. If the single maintains the sales figures, Darius will shift another ‘Pop Idol’ runner-up, Gareth Gates, from the top of the chart on Sunday (August 4).

Meanwhile, George Michael‘s career continues to spiral downwards with the news that controversial new single ‘Shoot The Dog’ may miss the Top Ten at the weekend. The track, which has caused controversy criticising US foreign policy, could be the star’s biggest flop for a decade. It sold 3,000 copies on its day of release, placing it at Number 12 on the midweek chart.


If it fails to make the Top Ten, it will be the first time this has happened since his 1991 single ‘Cowboys and Angels’.

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