Liberty rush to the band's defence after attacks from the likes of Toploader and Stereophonics, themselves not in the least manufactured...

LIBERTY, the band formed by the five losing finalists in ‘POPSTARS’, have leapt to the defence of HEAR’SAY following attacks from STEREOPHONICS, TOPLOADER


KEATING, amid continuing rumours that the band will be working with pop guru PETE WATERMAN.


“It doesn’t matter how you come together, it’s what you do when you are together,” Liberty’s Jessica Taylor told NME.COM. Aware that Liberty could be tarred with the same manufactured brush as Hear’say, Jessica stormed: “We may have met at the ‘Popstars’ auditions, but we put ourselves together. We found our own manager. We write our own songs.”

Reacting to suggestions that Liberty could be criticised as Hear’say wannabes, Jessica added: “Anybody who’s come across us wil think we’re totally different people from Hear’say.

We have a different aura about us. We’re different people.”

These sentiments were echoed by Liberty’s manager, Richard Hannan. “People come up to me all the time,” Hannan told us, “and say ‘Jesus, who styled them? They look so natural.’ It’s cos it’s them. They are naturally like that. They wear stuff that’s cool to them.” In a backhanded swipe, Hannan described Liberty as “longer limbed” and slimmer than Hear’say.

“Maybe from LWT’s point of view, they looked at them and said ‘We’ve got our star person, so everybody else should be that size too’.”

“But we stuck together from day one,” Jessica explained.


“We didn’t come out and say ‘OK, we’re a band’. Instead, we took time to reflect on the whole situation and then decide what we were gonna do. And now, six months on, we’re working with some really big co-writers. I can’t name any names, but all will be revealed soon.”

Jessica did reveal that Liberty had met Pete Waterman. “He’s great,” she gushed, “he’s the hitmaker. No one’s ruling out working with anybody. At the moment we’re not working with him, but certainly there’s been talk.”

Liberty are currently in discussions with several labels and have already recorded some songs, including ‘Thinkin’ It Over’, written by Kelli and Tony, which they performed on BBC’s ‘Live & Kicking’. With all the interest around Liberty, it’s unsurprising when Jessica says she wasn’t disappointed not to make to into Hear’say.

“I’d prepared myself to think I wasn’t in the band. I thought to myself if

I’m in, then it doesn’t matter how I react, but I didn’t want to crumble. I took it like every audition that I got knocked back from. I wasn’t right for the band.”