The late '90s pop trio are not forgotten, obviously...

‘POPSTARS’ is raiding the closet of yet another failed girl band, and this time the honour goes to late-90s UK trio FIERCE.

Hear’say set the trend by picking up ‘Pure And Simple’, a song which had been intended as a single by Girl Thing, with whom the UK ‘Popstars’ band shared management. Now the Canadian ‘Popstars’ winners, Sugar Jones, are preparing for the release of ‘Days Like That’, a cover of Fierce’s 1999 Top 20 hit ‘Dayz Like That’

Like Girl Thing, Fierce have now disbanded, but the ‘Popstars’ brand ensures that their memory will live on through Sugar Jones, whose members Sahara, Julie, Mirella, Andrea and Maiko – have been working with producers whose past credits include Nelly Furtado and Snow, and the video for ‘Days Like That’ is due for its premiere in Canada on April 15

Meanwhile, contrary to reports yesterday, Hear’say have not contributed a Wham! song to the forthcoming ’80s Mania’ TV special. Their spokesman tells NME.COM that the band have, in fact, recorded George Michael and Aretha Franklin‘s Number One stormer ‘I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)’.