The final words and lyrics of INXS’ Michael Hutchence revealed

New documentary ‘Michael Hutchence: The Last Rockstar’ is coming soon

What are believed to be the final words and lyrics of late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence have been revealed in a new documentary.

Last month, it was announced that new doc ‘Michael Hutchence: The Last Rockstar’ would “make headlines all around the world” – with ‘unprecedented access’ to the frontman’s estate and contributions from those closest to him, including U2 frontman Bono.

Now, as the premiere approaches, the singer’s final lyrics that he wrote on a yellow notepad on the night of his death have been shared.  As Sky News reports, the lyrics are:

“Wouldn’t be right to take it
Wouldn’t be right laying down
Sick of the dogs outside my window
That’s right take a look
New plan with a hook
Stuck into me
All the bitterness
Has started showing
Five years no one hears.”


The film is scheduled for release in time with the 20th anniversary of Hutchence’s death in November 2017.

Hutchence was found dead on 22 November 1997 after he took his own life, just seven months after INXS released their 10th album ‘Elegantly Wasted’. He was 37-years-old.

“This is not a biopic treading over old territory – this will make headlines around the world,” said producer Mark Llewellyn of the documentary. “This is not Michael Hutchence defined by how he died but how he lived: a brilliant musician, a brilliant man, a loving father, a true rock star.”

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