Finley Quaye found guilty for headbutting terminally ill friend in row over ‘Game Of Thrones’

He was found guilty in court this week

Finley Quaye has been convicted of assault for headbutting a terminally ill friend over an argument over ‘Game Of Thrones‘.

The ’90s popstar and past BRIT Award winner, who has 22 previous convictions and ‘history of violent offending’, appeared in court where he denied attacking Julian Ashley while they watched the fantasy series back in June.

“Aren’t I more important than ‘Games of Thrones’?,” he reportedly shouted before headbutting Ashley, reports the Daily Star.


Prosecutor Alexa Morgan told Highbury Magistrates’ Court: “The victim has known the defendant for 30 years and is suffering from terminal cancer. He is frail and needs a mobility scooter and assistance at home.

“He was watching television when the defendant came to the door and after letting him in continued watching. The defendant took exception to that. He became abusive and lost his temper and Mr Ashley decided to escort him from the flat.”

Morgan added: “Without warning he headbutted Mr Ashley, causing a split to his nose and extensive bruising.”

“I returned inside and sat with a wet cloth on my nose, which was bleeding, and called the police but declined an ambulance,” said the victim in a statement. “I’m shocked someone would do this to a person as ill as I am.”

The 42-year-old Quaye from Stockport was given a 12-month probation order and ordered to carry 250 hours of unpaid work and pay £620 costs.


The court also heard how Quaye now earns £500 a show for playing gigs in small venues, and is left with between £10,000 and £11,000 a year after being declared bankrupt in 2012 and being left with a £383,000 tax bill.

Author George RR Martin has revealed that he plans to spend much of 2017 working on the new ‘Game Of Thrones’ book ‘The Winds Of Winter‘, while Game of Thrones season seven is set to air next year.