Finn Wolfhard’s Calpurnia share new song ‘Greyhound’

'Stranger Things' star's band are set to release a new EP next month

Calpurnia have unveiled their new single ‘Greyhound’.

The track is the third from the band, fronted by Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard. They previously released ‘City Boy’ and ‘Louie’. You can listen to their new single below.

All the band’s previously released tracks will feature on their forthcoming debut EP, ‘Scout’, which is due for release on June 15 via Paradyse/Transgressive.

The six track EP was produced by Twin Peaks‘ Cadien Lake James.


Greyhound, an album by Calpurnia on Spotify

The track listing for ‘Scout’ is:

‘Wasting Time’

‘City Boy’

Earlier this year Wolfhard revealed that he wanted to use his success from Stranger Things to launch a new band.

He previously said: “I did Stranger Things and that blew up so I took that to my advantage and I wanted to put on a mini festival, music festival, and got a bunch of bands together.”

“I realised at the last second ‘I need a band as well’. So I called up all these guys and the bassist Jack, I met him briefly… I just said “I know I’ve only met you once but let’s all jam and see where it goes, and if it’s good then let’s go to LA and do the show together.”