Fiona Apple sings on a new song for ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Halloween episode

The singer makes her cameo during the episode’s end credits

Fiona Apple has shared a new song for the latest Halloween episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Titled “Pig Trouble In Little Tina”, the episode – which aired on October 20 – featured the character Eugene “Gene” Belcher dressed up as “Fiona Applesauce”, whom he describes as “Fiona Apple’s saucy aunt”. The episode also includes a new song from Apple herself, which played during the closing credits.

Her cameo was confirmed by Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard, who thanked Apple for her contribution. “HUGE THANKS to Fiona Apple. HUGE,” Bouchard tweeted after the episode aired.


Before the broadcast, Apple teased the Bob’s Burgers episode with a short clip of herself making spooky sounds while holding a pig ornament. She later further teased her cameo on Tumblr with the lyrics that go: “There’s an oink, oink in the night / And it gives you such a fright / He’s got a tail that’s curly / And he’s coming for you, girly / You got pig trouble / Pig trouble, little Tina.

According to her fansite Fiona Apple Rocks, the lyrics weren’t written by Apple herself. Listen to the song below or stream the full episode on FOX here.

Last month, Apple made headlines after she playfully berated Lil Nas X for sampling one of her songs without permission. The musicians later smoothed things over and agreed to collaborate one day. “This is such a good ending to this whole story,” Apple said in a video accepting Lil Nas’ offer to collaborate. “I would love that.”


In September, Apple revealed that she hopes to release a new album next year. “I was supposed to be done a million years ago. And I go off and I take too long making stuff. I’m hoping for early 2020. I think,” she said. Apple’s last album, ‘The Idler Wheel…’, arrived in 2012.