First A$AP Rocky, now Octavian – he claims he was beaten up at his own gig in Sweden by security

Octavian says Sweden is "a little bit racist"

In the wake of A$AP Rocky‘s release from prison in Sweden, London rapper Octavian has claimed he was beaten up by Swedish security guards at his own show.

Octavian called the country’s authorities “a little bit racist” following his own ordeal and the treatment of A$AP Rocky, who was released from prison on Friday (August 2).

Octavian said he was roughed up by security while appearing at the Daze Days festival in Stockholm in February.

Speaking on Tim Westwood TV, Octavian said: “Fuck Sweden. I walked into the venue at my own headline show with a cup in my hand. It had alcohol which wasn’t from the venue, it was from outside. I was going straight from my tourbus into the venue and we got beaten up.”

He continued: “We got beaten up by the security at my own headline show. I’m not saying the people in Sweden are racist, but the authorities are a little bit racist. They’ve got a serious problem against black culture and rappers in general.”

Before A$AP Rocky’s troubles in Sweden, Octavian referred to being roughed-up in Sweden during his headline gig at London Forum in March. He asked the crowd to give “a big middle finger to Sweden” during his show.

The Londoner is due to return to Sweden this weekend when he plays at Way Out West festival in Stockholm.

Rocky had been held in prison in Stockholm since July 3 on suspicion of assault. He had been arrested following an altercation between the rapper’s entourage and another man. Rocky’s trial began last Wednesday (July 31).

After pleading not guilty, Rocky was released on Friday until the verdict of the trial is announced. This is expected to be on August 14.