A member of the audience finds another use for his sandwich....

FISCHERSPOONER were pelted with food at their highest profile UK show to date last night (June 21).

The group performed a gig at the London Royal Festival Hall as part of David Bowie’s Meltdown Festival.

During the first song, a member of the audience started throwing sandwiches from the floor up on to the stage – just missing frontman Casey Spooner, who was wearing an elaborate stage costume, face paint and a long blonde wig, but covering the stage in mayonnaise.

The group, who were playing a scaled down version of their recent New York shows, which were rumoured to have cost $250,000, managed to carry on their set, with Spooner dismissing the heckler.

“It’s punk rock”, he joked. “It’s a term of endearment. Maybe they just thought I was hungry!”

The rest of the show passed without other major incident, with Fischerspooner performing their ‘1’ album, with costume and choreography changes, glitter storms and projections throughout.

An excitable Spooner also spotted Boy George on the front row, and halted the gig to have his picture taken with the pop star turned DJ.