Fishbone ordered to pay £800,000 to woman injured in stagedive

The band's frontman broke a fan's skull and collarbone when he jumped offstage last year

LA band Fishbone have been ordered to pay £800,000 ($1.4 million) to a fan who was injured when the band’s frontman stage dived into the crowd.

Singer Angelo Moore jumped offstage during a show at Philadelphia’s World Cafe Live in 2010, landing on fan Kimberly Myers, breaking her skull and collarbone.

According to AP, Myers lost consciousness when she was knocked to the floor, however the band “continued to perform as if nothing had happened,” US District Judge Jan DuBois wrote in a ruling on Wednesday (February 12). The judge found that Fishbone’s Angelo ‘Dr. Madd Vibe’ Moore showed little remorse after the incident and continues to stagedive despite frequent injuries to concert-goers.

The band, who have been stage diving at gigs since the 1980s, have already been sued at least once before over similar injuries. Frontman Moore testified that every couple of months an ambulance is called to the concert venue, DuBois wrote in the ruling.

According to the ruling, Moore said that the band don’t issue warnings to fans because it detracts from the group’s “theatrics”. “People want to be on the edge when they go to a Fishbone show,” Moore said, according to the ruling.

A spokesperson for Fishbone’s management said she had no immediate comment following the ruling.

Amee Hamlin of Silverback Artist Management, which manages the Los Angeles-based band, said she had no immediate comment on the damage award.