It's celebrity death-match time again: singer Dane Bowers took on his ex, model Jordan, while Five and Westlife faced off...

Last night’s TV HITS AWARDS were marred by a clash between Dane Bowers and his ex-girlfriend, while a feud between Westlife and FIVE was reignited.

Dane has hit out at former girlfriend – glamour model Jordan – claiming she has been stalking him since they split. Events came to a head last night (October 29) after the TV Hits Awards at London‘s Wembley Arena, when security guards “frog-marched” Jordan from the venue.

Bowers, whose first solo work since leaving Another Level was the stalker anthem ‘Buggin” with the True Steppers, tells UK tabloid The Sun: “She is stalking me. She keeps turning up at all these places where she would never normally go just because she knows I’m there. Last week she came to a real underground R&B club just because I was there. It’s doing my head in. Hopefully she will get sick of it.”

The situation last night became so intense that Bowers – in the area for a performance of ‘Buggin” – was joined by Westlife and Five, who threatened to pull out of the proceedings if Jordan was not removed.

The cohesion didn’t last long – Bryan from Westlife and J from Five were swiftly back at each other’s throats after an argument the previous night, prompting Kian from Westlife to observe, “Oh dear, looks like it’s handbags at dawn again.”

This comes just a week after NME.COM reported that Westlife‘s Nicky and Five‘s J, Abs and Sean spent a pleasant evening out together in Dublin.