The boybands have been hanging out together in Westlife's home city of Dublin...

Five have taken time out from recording their new album in DUBLIN to hang out with label-mates Westlife.

As Kian from Westlife is reported to have been arguing (or not, depending on who you believe) with Victoria Beckham in London‘s trendy Chinawhite, bandmate Nicky is promoting no more than inter-band harmony, turning up at Dublin nightclub Lillies Bordello and spending time with fellow RCA stars J, Abs and Sean.

[url=] reports that the labelmates stayed together at the club until the early hours of this morning.


Five are in Dublin working on their early stages of their third album, the follow-up to last year’s ‘Invincible’. It had been the plan to release the album’s title track for the Christmas market, but the single was taken off schedules in order to let Five work on new material. Nonetheless a live video – ‘Five Live’ – and another UK tour are definitely going ahead in the run-up to Christmas.

Meanwhile Westlife are set to hit headlines daily in the coming weeks as the release date of their – and the Spice Girls‘ – new albums looms.

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