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FIVE have recorded a cover version of DEF LEPPARD’s 1987 classic ‘POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME’, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

And Leppard frontman Joe Elliott has given the rapped-up pop version his seal of approval.

Although there have been rumours in the pop world that Five – who topped the charts with their Queen cover, ‘We Will Rock You’ – were fans of the song, it had not previously been clear whether they had actually recorded it.

But Elliott revealed that he has received a demo version, and declared it “quite cool”.

He said: “It’s absolutely true – I’ve heard the demo. I’ve got a work-in-progress, and, honestly, it’s not bad. It’s different. What I heard was quite interesting. The chorus is the same, they rap the verses. It’s not the finished version, but it’s quite cool.

“At least of all the boybands that exist, they have got one foot in rock, for want of a better expression. They’ve done Joan Jett [whose ‘I Love Rock’N’Roll’ they sampled for their hit ‘Everybody Get Up’], then Queen and moved on to us. It makes sense – if they were going to play three songs together, I would have put money on it being those. It’s all the same song! It would, by virtue of how popular they are, quite possibly be a hit,” he predicted.

It is as yet unclear whether the song will ever see the light of day as a commercial release, and Five’s spokesperson made no comment.

But Elliott enthused: “On ‘Everybody Get Up’, I remember thinking, ‘At last somebody’s had the good grace to sample a rock song.’ There are so many people at this moment in time thinking it’s uncool to have guitar. But it’s the emperor’s new clothes. It only takes one person in a position of authority to stand up and ‘You’re all wrong!’ It takes one person to say, ‘This is cool’ and you can actually get your success back, having lost it, because somebody stands up for it.”

Although ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ only reached Number 18 in the UK charts when it was released in September 1987, the ‘Hysteria’ album from which it was lifted sold 15 million copies, including 12 million in the US alone, and spawned a total of seven singles, including one of their biggest hits, ‘Animal’, which reached Number Six a month earlier.

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