The promo for 'Let's Dance' features fast cars, scantily-clad ladies and, er, a cardboard cut-out...

FIVE filmed the video to their new single, ‘LET’S DANCE’, this week and NME.COM has some exclusive photos from the day.

Speaking about the single, due out on August 13 and preceding an as-yet-untitled album on August 27, J told NME.COM that the video “takes the piss” out of themselves.

As our exclusive snaps show, the boys can be seen having a laugh with the rock’n’roll cliches of fast cars and scantily-clad ladies.

Sean Conlon, who’s been stricken by glandular fever and ordered to rest, has been replaced by a cardboard cut-out.

Comparing ‘Let’s Dance’ to NSYNC‘s extravagant ‘Pop’ promo, J sniffed: “It looks like there was far too much fucking money ploughed into their video. I think it’s a bit mad. At the end of the day Travis don’t have to spend millions on the video because the songs are good. It’s all about the product. Some people say all pop is shit, but I just feel we’re making decent pop.”