The boys say they will still rock Dublin tonight despite bar-room drama landing them in court ...

RITCHIE NEVILLE and J BROWN of FIVE are to appear in court after they were arrested last night (December 20) in DUBLIN after an alleged bar brawl.

According to reports, the incident took place at the Palace Bar in the city’s Fleet Street in the Temple Bar area.

A spokesperson told BBC that they were drinking with members of their touring party when the incident happened. They were held by police for several hours then released on bail.


The two appear at Bridewell Court this morning (December 21), the spokesperson said. Ritchie is accused of public disorder and disturbance of the peace and J is charged with assault and public disorders.

Unconfirmed reports claim that a man required treatment for facial injuries at St James Hospital after the alleged incident, in which two others were arrested. Unofficial sources claim that rival Irish pop group Westlife were mentioned before the fight broke out.

Five are in Dublin to carry out promotional duties and their spokesperson said that their shows at The Point tonight and tomorrow will go ahead as planned.

The group have had a run of bad luck recently. Earlier in December, Scott was given stitches after running into a metal bar and knocking himself out while heading back to the stage after a costume change during a show. He had to be replaced as lead singer on ?Invincible? by Ritchie and Sean, and returned to the stage after getting stitches.

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