The boyband stick the boot in rivals Hear'say and *NSYNC...

FIVE have blasted the state of pop in an exclusive interview with NME.COM, singling out Hear’say and *NSYNC as part of the “mad” state of the music business.

Five release a new single ‘Let’s Dance’ on August 13, followed by an as-yet-untitled album on August 27.

Band member Jason ‘J’ Brown told NME.COM that the video for the single will “take the piss” out of themselves.

As reported yesterday on NME.COM, Sean Conlon will be replaced by a cardboard cut-out in the video, because he has been ordered to rest by doctors following a bout of glandular fever.

When asked how the video would compare to *NSYNC‘s lavish production for their single ‘Pop’, J commented: “We don’t compete with anybody. It looks like there was far too much fucking money ploughed into their video. I think it’s a bit mad. It’s this whole pop thing, and I know I’m part of it but it’s spilling over into the whole music business. At the end of the day Travis don’t have to spend millions on the video because the songs are good. It’s all about the product. Some people say all pop is shit but I just feel we’re making decent pop.”

For the full story, see this week’s NME, out in London today (July 3) and nationwide tomorrow.