Sean Conlon's glandular fever rules him out of promo duties for 'Let's Dance'...

FIVE member SEAN CONLON, whose glandular fever forced the band to pull out of a show at LONDON’s GAY PRIDE MARDI GRAS on Saturday (June 30), will now be replaced by a cardboard cut-out in the new video and during forthcoming promotional duties.

The video for ‘Let’s Dance’ will be shot this week and while the other four members will be present, a life-size cut-out of Sean will act as his substitute. Conlon has been ordered by doctors to rest for at least four weeks.

A spokesperson for Five, who release ‘Let’s Dance’ on August 13, told NME.COM this afternoon that “Sean looks forward to regaining his health and energy soon, so he can get back to work. The rest of the band wish him a speedy recovery.”