Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne makes impassioned speech about Oklahoma tornado at London gig

Frontman says it was the band's 'most important show ever'

After postponing the first of two Roundhouse shows on Monday (May 20) due to losing his voice, Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips opened their show at the venue on Tuesday (May 21) with an impassioned 10-minute speech about the Oklahoma tornado.

Describing how he was ill in bed when texts about the tragedy began arriving in the early hours of May 21, he told how the disaster had made him realise ”this is a ridiculous thing we do, this show… if anybody in our band or crew had been affected by [the tornado] we would’ve had no problem with stopping to help them.” But he lightened the mood by claiming that music in such times ”is so important,” and joking ”whenever we cross paths in the future you can say you were at our most important show ever”.

The band then took the stage to play a two-hour set on a stage festooned with tubular veins of lights and silver globes. Coyne sang from the top of a glowing white podium before an eye-blitzing light show, often cradling a toy baby doll during the more emotional songs.


Lips favourites ‘Race For The Prize’ and ‘D You Realize??’ were joined in the setlist by a cover of David Bowie’s ‘”Heroes”‘ and a plethora of recent album tracks.

The Flaming Lips played:

‘Look…The Sun Is Rising’ 

‘The Terror’

‘The W.A.N.D.’ 

‘Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast’
‘Silver Trembling Hands’ 

‘Try to Explain’ 

‘Race for the Prize’ 

‘Butterfly, How Long It Takes to Die’ 

‘You Lust’ 

‘One More Robot’
‘Sympathy 3000-21’ 

(David Bowie cover)
‘Riding to Work in the Year 2025’
‘Turning Violent’
‘Do You Realize??’
‘All We Have Is Now’ 

‘Always There, In Our Hearts’