Full six hours of Flaming Lips’ ‘I Found A Star On The Ground’ unveiled online – audio

The band's epic song hits the internet

The Flaming Lips‘ epic six-hour-long song, ‘I Found A Star On The Ground’, has been released online. You can hear it in full over at Soundcloud.

The song, which took three weeks to make, comes complete with a strobe toy that lead singer Wayne Coyne described as the perfect accompaniment to the opus. Speaking about the ‘Strobo Trip’ toy Coyne said:

You could play with it for hours. I mean, I don’t know if you could play with it for six hours, but it’s kind of meant so that kids can, like, take LSD and play with it.

For a donation of $100, fans could have their name put into the lyrics of the song.


The package has been released especially for two charities. First to benefit from the profits of the song will be the Central Oklahoma Humane Society and then the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Two shorter songs – ‘Evil Minds’ and ‘Butterfly, How Long It Takes To Die’ – have also been included on the release. You can hear them below.

Last week, the band described the song as being like The Velvet Underground meets Super Mario Brothers.