The Flaming Lips launch podcast charting their song history

‘Sorcerer’s Orphan’ offers a “song by song” account of the band

The Flaming Lips have launched a new podcast that offers fans the chance to listen to a “song by song” history of the band.

Episode one of the new series, titled ‘Socerer’s Orphan’, is available now and you can listen below.


The podcast is presented by multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd and the first episode sees the musician talk about ‘Enthusiasm for Life Defeats Existential Fear Part 2,’ a track which was originally released in 2011.

Part one of the track was written for Bradley Beesley‘s documentary The Creek Runs Red.

Drozd explains: “This movie is quite sad and somber, and Wayne and I loved and still do love making music for an already existing theme.”

The Flaming Lips formed in 1983 in Oklahoma City and have since gone onto release 14 studio albums. In 1999, the American rocker’s ninth album ‘The Soft Bulletin’ was named NME’s album of the year.

Their latest album, ‘Oczy Mlody,’ was released last year and an upcoming Greatest Hits album is slated for release in June.

Earlier this year, the band released a record pressed with beer for Record Store Day.


It’s not the first time the band has done something unusual with their vinyl either. In 2012, Wayne Coyne and his band released the band’s album ‘Heady Fwends’ on vinyl that includes samples of the band’s actual blood inside it.


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