Flavor Flav is suing Chuck D over Public Enemy royalties

The rapper claims he hasn't seen a royalty cheque in years.

Flavor Flav is suing Chuck D and a number of Public Enemy managers and producers over royalities he claims he hasn’t received.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the rapper claims that he hasn’t seen a royalty cheque in years, despite having a long-standing agremeent with Chuck to share profits from live gigs, music and merch.

Flav says he co-wrote over 50 of the group’s songs, yet isn’t seeing any money from this.

He’s also suing producer Gary G-Wiz, who allegedly created and distributed Public Enemy action figures deal without his consent, making a profit that wasn’t shared with the rapper.

He also claims that his image and voice were used without his permission on Public Enemy’s latest album ‘Nothing Is Quick in the Desert‘, which was released as a free download on June 29.

Flavor Flav says he asked for $75,000 (£57,990) but was given $7,500 (£5,799) and told he would get the rest at a later date, which he never did.

The band gave the album away for free as a thank you to fans on their 30th anniversary.

Several other managers and producers who worked with the group are also named in the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Prophets of Rage – the supergroup featuring members of Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine, and Cypress Hill – recently released ‘Radical Eyes‘, a track from their upcoming debut album, which is due September 15.