Have Fleet Foxes revealed new album title and cover art?

Singer Robin Pecknold posted details on his Instagram page last night (December 24)

Fleet Foxes could have revealed more details about their upcoming third album.

Singer Robin Pecknold posted a screenshot of the band’s back catalogue in his iTunes library, which included a record called ‘Ylajili’.

It was accompanied by some artwork. He has since deleted the post, but you can see it below, via Reddit/Stereogum.



‘Ylajili’ is the name of a character from Hunger, a Norwegian novel written by Knut Hamsun and published in 1890. The artwork takes the form of a photo by Japanese photographer Hiroshi Hamaya.

In November, the band also shared a different photo by Hamaya on their Facebook page. It showed the eruption of Mount Tokachi on the island of Hokkaido in Japan. When one fan commented to ask if this meant a new album, the band replied: “Alllllmost done.”

As Stereogum points out, the logo of Nonesuch Records can also be seen at the bottom of the potential artwork for the new record, suggesting Fleet Foxes may have signed a new deal with the label.

There is no official confirmation of the album’s title or artwork as yet, or further details such as a release date or tracklisting.

The ‘White Winter Hymnal’ alt-folk heroes have not released an album since 2011’s ‘Helplessness Blues’, but Pecknold has been writing and performing as a solo artist.


The band are reported to be performing at Spain’s Bilbao BBK festival in July, while Pecknold told a fan on Instagram their touring plans for 2017 were: “So far – Australia in May, EU in July, US Aug, US October, EU November.”