Fleet Foxes share studio footage in new ‘Sunblind’ music video

Spanning two years, two continents and five studios

Fleet Foxes have shared a glimpse into the recording sessions for their fourth studio album ‘Shore’, in the music video for latest single ‘Sunblind’.

The clip is directed by Sean Pecknold, the brother of Fleet Foxes’ frontman Robin Pecknold, who previously directed videos for ‘Can I Believe You’, ‘Grown Ocean’ and ‘The Shrine/An Argument’.

Watch the video below:


The new footage appears to spans the two years of recording sessions for ‘Shore’, between September 2018 and September 2020 in Vox Recording studios in Los Angeles, Studios St Germain in Paris, and multiple locations in New York – The Long Pond, The Diamond Mine and Electric Lady Studios.

In particular focus is the close working relationship between Pecknold and production engineer Beatriz Artola – as the other members of the band did not participate in the recording of ‘Shore’. Fans will also recognise short excerpts from the film director Kersti Jan Werdal made to accompany the album.

In an interview with NME, Pecknold described ‘Shore’ as “the yin to the yang” of his last album ‘Crack Up’, from 2017. He released the album to be timed exactly with the Autumn Equinox in September this year.

“If Donald Trump gets re-elected in November there’s going to be a hellish depression we’re going to sink into. And then who cares about music at that point? To attach it to the equinox was just like, ‘Well, despite this madness…the earth and moon still exist.’ I wanted to tie it to something stable,” Pecknold said.