Fleetwood Mac to tour next year

But Sheryl Crow will not be joining them

Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham has said the legendary band will reform in early 2009 to prepare for a tour, the band’s first since 2003.

Buckingham also said a new album is in the works too, and will likely follow the live shows.

I think maybe there was even a sense that we would make a better album if we went out and hung out together first on the road … “he told Billboard.com “Maybe even sowing some seeds musically that would get us more prepared to go in the studio rather than just going in cold. It takes the pressure (off) from having to go in and make something cold.”

Rumours that Sheryl Crow would join the band on the road were kyboshed by Buckingham, who said that the band and Crow talking about the possibility of her joining for the tour was a result of Stevie Nicks’ feeling outnumbered by males on the last tour.

“I think with Stevie (Nicks) … maybe to some degree there was a little too much testosterone on stage when we went out in 2003, and I think the band was looking to kind of balance that out a little bit,” he said. Crow’s participation “just kind of lost its momentum”

Meanwhile, Buckingham releases solo album ‘Gift of Screws’ on September 16.

–By our New York staff.

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