The legendary group play a surprise show for the outgoing US President...

FLEETWOOD MAC played a surprise concert on the lawn of the WHITE HOUSE as a farewell to outgoing US President BILL CLINTON.

The band, who previously donated their song ‘Don’t Stop’ for Clinton’s 1992 election campaign, played the show in Washington after being asked by Clinton’s political aides to perform, according to [url=]

According to reports, their appearance remained secret from Clinton until the last minute, with the band performing their soundcheck while the President was taken for a trip to the nearby National Zoo.

Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham described the event as “emotional”.

Fleetwood Mac aren’t the only band to have connections with the US political system. As revealed recently on NME.COM, ZZ Top are to play an hour-long concert at one of the first events in US President-elect George W Bush’s four-day inaugural celebrations, also in Washington.