Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood: ‘We brought a massive dildo onstage for our first shows’

Band founder says they spiced up early gigs with sex toy

Fleetwood Mac‘s Mick Fleetwood has said that he wanted to make sure the band stood out during their first live shows – so brought a dildo onstage with them.

Talking to Playboy, the drummer and band’s founding member said that he and bassist John McVie had been so determined to make an impression that they incorporated a “massive” black sex toy to spice up their early gigs.

He said:

We wanted to stand out from all the other Englishmen playing traditional blues, so we never held back. I used to play with a massive dildo stuck to the top of my bass drum so the thing would wiggle front and centre through the entire set.

Fleetwood also detailed how the phallic-substitute came in handy for some of their set choices, adding: “We used to cover Elvis [Presley], and for John’s number he’d pull his bass up high and put that thing through his zipper. He’d be there doing Elvis’ hubba-hubba routine with this massive black cock hanging out of his trousers.”

While the thought of Fleetwood cavorting with a sex-toy onstage may sound exciting to some, the drummer revealed that some audience members weren’t so thrilled with the act. “That little gag almost got us killed by the sheriff’s department when we played some Christian college in Texas,” he added.

Earlier this month (March 15), Fleetwood said he didn’t think his old band would ever tour together again. The drummer said that although he would like to record new material and hit the road with the group, it was unlikely they would find time to make plans as singer Stevie Nicks was too focused on her solo career.