Fleetwood Mac announce deluxe edition of their classic ‘Fleetwood Mac Live’ album

The 1980 live album is being re-released in April

Fleetwood Mac have announced details of a new deluxe edition of their classic 1980 live album ‘Fleetwood Mac Live’.

Comprising of live recordings that were largely made during a number of the band’s live shows between 1979 and 1980, ‘Fleetwood Mac Live’ was originally released in December 1980.

Rhino are now preparing to re-release ‘Fleetwood Mac Live’ in a “super deluxe” format on April 9. The album is set to be presented in a new 3xCD/2xLP collection, featuring a remastered version of the original release on both 180-gram vinyl and CD and more than an hour of unreleased Fleetwood Mac live music on the third CD that was recorded between 1977 and 1982.


The set also includes a bonus 7-inch single which features previously unreleased demos for ‘Fireflies’ and ‘One More Night’.

To accompany today’s announcement (February 11), Fleetwood Mac have shared a previously unreleased live recording of ‘The Chain’ that was recorded in Cleveland in 1980. You can hear the track below.

The 14 live tracks that debut on the “super deluxe” edition of the record include seven songs from the band’s Tusk tour (1979-80), four from the Rumours tour (1977) and three from the Mirage tour (1982).

This new edition of ‘Fleetwood Mac Live’ will be presented in a 12×12 rigid slipcase which comes with a booklet filled with rare photos, a full itinerary for the Tusk Tour and a history of the live album by writer David Wild.

“Then and now, ‘Fleetwood Mac Live’ artfully marks a fascinating time period for a group that, in one form or another, has been on the global stage for more than half a century,” Wild writes. “It’s a wildly entertaining rock ’n’ roll circus in full swing under a big tent of the band’s own creation as they leave audiences dazzled in locales from Paris, France, to Passaic, New Jersey.”


You can pre-order the “super deluxe” version of ‘Fleetwood Mac Live’ here.

Earlier this week, Christine McVie said in a new interview that she doesn’t expect Fleetwood Mac will tour with Stevie Nicks again in the future.