Fleetwood Mac fans react to the departure of Lindsey Buckingham

"Fleetwood Mac are NEVER the same without Lindsey Buckingham."

Fleetwood Mac fans have reacted with sadness at the departure of guitarist Lindsay Buckingham – but there’s also excitement for the final chapter of the iconic rock band.

Last night, it was reported that Buckingham had been “fired” from the group following “a disagreement over the band’s upcoming tour”.

Guitarist/vocalist Buckingham first joined the band in 1974 and remained a member until 1987. He then reunited with the group in 1996.

Responding to the news, some fans questioned whether the band would be the same without Buckingham’s efforts.

“‘I’m sorry, but Fleetwood Mac are NEVER the same without Lindsey Buckingham. He is amazing and I’m really sad to hear that he is no longer with the band. Tells you something when they have to replace him with 2 guitarists!!”, one fan wrote on Twitter.

“This is heartbreaking cause Lindsey Buckingham is genuinely irreplaceable. No ones gonna be able to smash out big love the way he does, or play beside Stevie during landslide the way he does, or run around the stage like a 5 year old the way HE DOES. It just won’t be the same”, another said.

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