Fleetwood Mac to release unheard tracks for ‘Tango In The Night’ 30th anniversary reissue

1987 album being re-released as a three CD, LP and DVD collection

Fleetwood Mac are set to reissue their album ‘Tango In The Night’ for its 30th anniversary, along with a collection of rare and unreleased tracks.

The special edition of their 14th album, originally released in 1987, will arrive on March 10, coming in three formats: single CD, two CD and three CD, LP and DVD.

The expanded releases include 13 previously unheard recordings, rare B-sides and music videos. See the full tracklistings below.



Disc One: Original Album – 2017 Remaster:

1. ‘Big Love’
2. ‘Seven Wonders’
3. ‘Everywhere’
4. ‘Caroline’
5. ‘Tango In The Night’
6. ‘Mystified’
7. ‘Little Lies’
8. ‘Family Man’
9. ‘Welcome To The Room… Sara’
10. ‘Isn’t It Midnight’
11. ‘When I See You Again’
12. ‘You And I, Part II’

Disc Two: B-Sides, Outtakes, Sessions:

1. ‘Down Endless Street’
2. ‘Special Kind Of Love’ (Demo)*
3. ‘Seven Wonders’ (Early Version)*
4. ‘Tango In The Night’ (Demo)*
5. ‘Mystified’ (Alternate Version)*
6. ‘Book Of Miracles’ (Instrumental)
7. ‘Where We Belong’ (Demo)*
8. ‘Ricky’
9. ‘Juliet’ (Run-Through)*
10. ‘Isn’t It Midnight’ (Alternate Mix)*
11. ‘Ooh My Love’ (Demo)*
12. ‘Mystified’ (Instrumental Demo)*
13. ‘You And I, Part I & II’ (Full Version)*

*Previously Unreleased


Disc Three: The 12′ Mixes:

1. ‘Big Love’ (Extended Remix)
2. ‘Big Love’ (House On The Hill Dub)
3. ‘Big Love’ (Piano Dub)
4. ‘Big Love’ (Remix/Edit)
5. ‘Seven Wonders’ (Extended Version)
6. ‘Seven Wonders’ (Dub)
7. ‘Little Lies’ (Extended Version)
8. ‘Little Lies’ (Dub)
9. ‘Family Man’ (Extended Vocal Remix)
10. ‘Family Man’ (I’m A Jazz Man Dub)
11. ‘Family Man’ (Extended Guitar Version)
12. ‘Family Party’ (Bonus Beats)
13. ‘Everywhere’ (12′ Version)
14. ‘Everywhere’ (Dub)

Disc Four: The Videos (DVD):

1. ‘Big Love’
2. ‘Seven Wonders’
3. ‘Little Lies’
4. ‘Family Man’
5. ‘Everywhere’

Meanwhile, Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie are working on a new album of duets.