Sell Me Fries: Fleetwood McDonalds workers meet Fleetwood Mac after Stevie Nicks campaign goes viral

"We’d love to return the favour and invite them back.”

Crew members at a McDonalds in Fleetwood have met Fleetwood Mac, after thousands of Facebook users joined a campaign calling for singer Stevie Nicks to work a shift at their restaurant.

The event on Facebook by ‘Be Reet’ called upon the legendary singer to head to the Lancashire branch of the fast food chain, which is almost the namesake of her iconic band.

While the petition prompted 20,000 signatures, it was the band who instead invited the McDonalds workers to attend their sold out show at Wembley Stadium last night (June 18).


A photo taken backstage (see above) shows the crew hanging out with the likes of Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, John McVie, Christine McVie and the rest of the band, before being given the chance to watch them from the side of the stage.

Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood

“It was a fantastic evening seeing Fleetwood Mac live and to have the opportunity to share the experience with some of the Fleetwood team,” Nigel Dunnington, the franchisee of Fleetwood McDonald’. “I’m still amazed the band got in touch – we’re lucky our restaurant shares a name with such an iconic band.

“Going down to the concert has been an incredible way to recognise some of our amazing employees. And, if Fleetwood Mac ever find themselves in the Fleetwood area, we’d love to return the favour and invite them back.”

Chelsea, a crew member at the restaurant, added: “I can’t believe we met Fleetwood Mac before they performed tonight. We listen to their songs all the time but nothing beats seeing them live – it’s been incredible!”


“After ‘Fleetwood Macs’ met Fleetwood Mac, the restaurant team left the stage wings and enjoyed a night of live entertainment. Needless to say, they were lovin’ it.”

Meanwhile, it was recently rumoured that Fleetwood Mac could be set to headline Glastonbury 2020.